Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

Exceptional Wood Look Tile in Longmont, CO

Style shouldn’t come with limits. That’s why at Carpet Wise, we give you more ways to get the classic aesthetic of natural hardwood. Our goal is to empower homeowners with diverse products like our wood look tile in Longmont, CO. With our help, you can fashion a space that’s truly tailored to your unique preferences, putting your personality into every inch of your floors.

In the past, customers who wanted to take advantage of the classic, coveted appeal that defines wood flooring had to worry about extensive upkeep and avoid areas with high moisture to prevent warping and other kinds of damage. Today, however, our showroom features a curated collection of grouted wood grain ceramic and porcelain plank tile.

By using these materials, you can get the look you want without worry. From the bathroom to the basement, create a cohesive design that doesn’t leave you on the hook for constant upkeep costs.

Know the Difference: Ceramic and Porcelain Wood Tile

When it comes to tile that can capture the essence of real wood, there are two main options to choose from. Both have distinct advantages, so it’s important to know your needs and make an informed decision.

Pristine Porcelain -- Renowned for its ability to stand up to pressure from both water and heavy traffic, this material is the right choice if you need flooring for a room that deals with frequent spills or active use. It’s tough, looks great, and the same color all the way through so that any wear or damage doesn’t ruin your look while you arrange repairs.

Customizable Ceramic -- Wood plank ceramic tile is the option you can rely on when you have an unusually sized space and want an easy installation. Far easier to cut than porcelain, it allows for more adaptability and doesn’t require special experience to handle. It also tends to cost less, making it ideal for larger projects where you need to prioritize value in addition to quality.

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Still unsure which option is right for your project? Want to explore other alternatives to achieve the look you desire? Don’t hesitate to come by our store. We have experts ready to help with everything from ceramic wood tile to luxury vinyl. Whatever you need to get the perfect floor, you’ll find it at our showroom -- alongside the exceptional service that defines our approach to the business.


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